Native & Non Native Vignettes (2015-2017)

This series zooms in on plants and animals I’ve encountered in and around my studio in Brooklyn. I photographed the subjects as I came upon them and then painted them in the studio. A quick google revealed which species were native to the northeast and which originated from other continents and/or hemispheres. It's inspiring to imagine those native species having existed here in the landscape for centuries. Also inspiring was to learn how, like most of us Americans, the non-natives have adapted to this land and thrive here. 

By calling attention to the many species that inhabit our parks and streets I hope to advocate for the nurturing of our green spaces, even those as small as a tree pit, can foster plants and wildlife in the city. 

  • The vertical paintings are of a series; “New York City Natural”, they represent my explorations through lesser known New York City Parks.